Irma Fuentes

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Reversal 3/26/11
Ligation 12/2007
Lengths  L7 R5
Preg  1 edd 8/2012
Preg  2  

both tubes open



Dec 2011

I am very excited to announce that WE ARE PREGNANT!!! Thanks to God for this early Christmas present. Thank you Doctor Roberto Perez and all staff at Rio Bravo for make our dream come true... Don't stop doing what you doing.

Apr 2011

Don't worry! GOD IS IN CONTROL! You will be in good hands. Rio Bravo is a good hospital that is designated to help people from all over the world.  And remember we have the same problems in the US as well.  We have crimes and that stuff, but here we are!!! Just put your self in the hands of God and he will do the rest.

Wow!!! Where can I began with this history of my life? I got my tubal ligation on 12/19/07 after my 3rd. child!! love was not good to me, every time I thought I found love!!! kicked my behind and everything was over. So I decided to NOT have another child and continue with tubal ligation!! (God I never imagine) that 7 years later I will be undoing this . For the grace of God I found a real man!!! that I married on April 19, 2011. We met 3 years ago. He had not children of his own. When we meet, I told him that I could not make him a Father!!! he said that was not up to me, only if God permits or allows! I was okay with that. Time passed and I started dreaming of a baby and star looking for help. But everything was so expensive. Until I found Rio Bravo Reversal Hospital I couldn't believe that I could do with out spending a fortune. So I told my husband and he just stated to then I knew that I needed to do it.

We saved every penny we found (even the ones we found on the street I will picked up) and then I was in a flight to McAllen Texas. I went through a lot of pain like everybody here, but I did not get the Royal treat like almost everyone experienced. My Drs. did not tell me any jokes...haha, my private nurse was very great to me I will remember her for life but is okay I was not there for that... (pls don't get offended Doctors) with all my respect. They were professional and did a good job. Now we can only wait for God to look our way and send a baby (girl) (pls God) and we will praise his name all of our life. Thank you to all staffs and member of Rio Bravo Hospital that make this dream possible.

Sincerely Irma and Aldo Delgado.