Sally Gutierrez

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Reversal May 06, 2011
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May 2011

I been back home since Saturday the day after my reversal and although I still have quite a bit of pain I feel great overall. My husband and I are so very pleased with Hospital de las Americas and it's beautiful staff. I would do it all over again if I had to. Dr. Levi along with the other Dr.'s were great. I am so anxious to start trying to get pregnant. I have recommended this place to many people since I have been back home. God has truly blessed us with this place and I am so happy we decided to do it.

During my surgery Dr. Levi encountered a problem with one of my tubes but thank God in his infinite and loving mercy on me the other tube was fine. My husband said his heart dropped after he learned what the Dr. had discovered but quickly got happy when they gave him the good news on the other tube.

Thank you all again...I truly believe that you all are my angels in disguise. Que Dios les continue bendiciendo grandemente...les amo en el Seņor y por siempre boy estar algradecida con mi Cristo por su amor y su misericordia de mi. We love you all!

Thank you always,
Sally Gutierrez