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Reversal 4/30/11
Lengths  L 5 R 5
Preg  1 It's a Girl!
Apr 2012
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Welcome Baby Girl

We had a baby girl on April 2012 she was 5 pound 3 ounces and is very healthy we are so happy and wish everyone luck on trying to have a little blessing for themselves. We were pregnant 2 months after our tubal reversal.

Oct 2011 

I got my tubal reversal on April 30,2011 and wow it worked I am 3 months pregnant today!  We are very grateful to the doctors and cant wait to find out what we are having. Good luck to everyone trying and just don't give up!


May 2011

Hello my name is Lori an husband Armando we just left Rio Bravo on Sunday afternoon my surgery date was April 30,2011. To start it all off we had done the follow up on this page for one year before we decided to do it then started saving money. We wanted to do it after we had been together for a year but something would always come up. We rented a car and left Dallas about 10 am on Friday it was the cheapest way for us to go we were going to take our truck but would be expensive for gas. We spent about 150.00 round trip with the car. So when we got to McAllen finally they worked with us due to it being longer than we had thought it took 9 hours and we thought 8.

When we arrived at 6 pm Armin was there to pick us up in a few min. The drive to the hospital was quick. Armin checked us in I paid him the balance he was really nice and my husband and I speak Spanish so it was real easy to talk to everyone. When we got there we were hungry and the nurse escorted us to a taco place around there - it was still light out and we ate and walked back. We laid down and shortly after Dr. Levi came in; he is funny and was very informative about question I had and even more that I didn't ask, he also joked with my husband a lot. Then got to meet his brother he was full of smiles and giggles, and went to sleep. That Saturday morning they did my pre-work and told me I would be going shortly they brought my husband his clothes to change and took us down to the surgery room it was clean. I laid down and the doctor said I'm going to put this in to make you feel better and at the same time the other doctor was saying this is going to be a little cold it was for the epidural and that's it, when I woke my husband was saying "baby wake up" several times and took some pictures with me awake. They finish closing me up and I guess I went to sleep for a while more when i woke up again I was in our room, I did feel sore and they gave me some pain medicine. But finally talking to my husband was the funny part he told me he didn't record the whole thing he had to get one of the asst. to finish due to him almost passing out and being sent to the room he was so sick he only got so see the starting of it and he was done. lol That will be a story for a while. We did get good pictures and video thanks to all who helped out with that.

My first night after surgery was sore and couldn't move very much that night the next day got up and took and shower it seemed the more I moved the better I felt its when I stayed in one position for a while it hurt. We left Sunday at 12pm, Armin picked us up and took us to McAllen airport where we parked the car in long -term parking - it was only 10 dollars for the two days. Going thru the border both in and out went pretty fast. The way home was a little rough we had to stop so I could walk every two hours so it took longer to get home but my husband drove all the way. The GPS took us a different way home and it seemed shorter but a little more country to see than just highway. We got home at 10:15 and took our stuff in and went to sleep. This is my first day home and I feel a little sore but not really any pain, they did give me medicine for pain and a antibiotic.

I would like to thank the staff and the doctors for every moment I was there, I was scared and they made me feel the ease of not worrying and gave me comfort. The nurses were very helpful and the doctors were great. The hospital is clean very much like ours. I would recommend if this is the choice you want this is the place to come were they make you feel at home even when you know your not at home and your dream of having a baby seems that much closer. Thanks to everyone one from the bottom of my heart we are thankful for helping our dream of having a baby .We cant wait to start trying in about 2 months.

I had 5cm on each side and I am 41 years old, my husband is 33 and we are very excited to tell our story. Good luck to all.