Tammie Iwara

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Reversal Feb 08, 2011
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Jun 2012
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Age 40



Justus and Agnelice

Just wanted to announce the birth of our twins. Justus - 5 pounds3 ounces, and Agnelice - 5 pounds on June 2012.

Nov 2011

I had the pleasure of having my tubal reversal on February 8,2011. Every inch of the process went very smoothly, no complications at home, and my GYN even commented on how she could not even see the scar proving I had the surgery!!!  She stated Dr. Perez did a fantastic job!!!

My husband and I are proud to announce we are expecting twins June 29,2012 - I am presently 9 weeks, baby A, and B are growing well and heartbeats sound great.

 Thanks to your great handy work this conception became possible, THANK YOU ALL!!!!


Agnelice & Justus