Tiffani J

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Reversal 8/29/11
Ligation 4/09/97
Lengths  L5.5 R5.5
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Sept 2011

After my flight being cancelled due to Hurricane Irene, I arrived at Philadelphia Airport( which was more than an hour away) Monday August 29, 2011 at 7:20 a.m., my flight was scheduled to leave at 7:50 a.m., and left right on time!! I arrived at Houston Airport at 10:18, and had to walk what seemed like forever to get the train for my connecting flight, I never knew that airport was so huge!!! My connecting flight got me to Harlingen 1 hour later, (don't care for that little jet at all), due to the cancellation and flight change, (I was originally supposed to fly into McAllen) the shuttle wasn't there when I arrived, I did call and leave a message the day before for the shuttle.  Anyway, once I arrive I called and Armin answered (he was in McAllen) I let him know I was in Harlingen, and he said "no problem I'll be right there."  It took about 45 minutes, he called when he was outside and off we went.  It was about an hour drive, the ride was really pleasant and Armin was very nice.

We arrived at the hospital and I was taken to room 1, Armin brought some papers for me to sign and I paid him the shuttle balance.  The nurse came in gave me a gown to put on and said she'd be back to give me my IV.  A couple minutes later she was back and inserted the IV in my hand and drew some blood.  I watched some tv, then Dr. Levi came in to go over my medical history  he said it wouldn't be too much longer, they were just waiting on the blood work.  I laid in the bed for about two hours, but it seemed sooooo much longer!!!!!  The nurse came in with my head cap, footies, and wheelchair it was time to go, on the way to the OR, I found out the reason for the delay was someone was giving birth! 

When I got to the OR I was, met Dr. Jose and dr. Moreno (everyone was so nice!!!) they moved onto the table, put me in the fetal position for my epidural, didn't even feel it go in...next thing I knew I woke up to them stitching me back up.  Dr. Jose explained everything went really well, and that I had 5-6 cm on each side.  I was wheeled back to my room, my nurse was there, (Dr. Levi and Dr. Jose's mom) she as very nice and spoke English well enough to communicate just fine' Dr. Levi came in to make sure I didn't have any questions, he was very talkative and funny and told me the surgery went extremely well, and if I don't get pregnant it's my fiancÚ's fault...LOL. 

I slept the whole night with no problem, about 6 a.m. I needed something for pain, so she let them know and the nurse came in and gave me something through my IV and I was back to sleep.  They brought in my breakfast around 9(liquid for me), then Mrs. Diaz helped me to the shower...it was a little painful to walk and stand, but I felt a lot better afterward.  I was so glad to have her,  she was great and suggested I have 3 more kids, after I told her I have 3.  The nurse came back in and gave me a shot in the buttocks for pain, and it was lunchtime, after lunch Armin was there to take me to hotel.  I don't know why, but I was questioned at the border....even Armin couldn't understand why since they know him..oh well!  Armin took me by the airport first to see if I could get a earlier flight, but due to the affects from the hurricane, no such luck!!! so he drove me to the hotel, I thanked him for everything and he was off.  My flight home was a breeze (so glad everyone told me about the wheelchair), I didn't even mind the jet on the way home:).  I am 3 weeks post op and doing great!!

Sorry, if I wrote too much, I tried to make it as short as possible (there is just so much to tell, I could go on forever!!) I am so pleased with my whole experience at Rio Bravo, I would do it again in a heartbeat!!!!! Thank You to everyone at Hospital De Las Americas!!