Christina J

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Reversal 8/26/11
Ligation 2002
Lengths  L7 R5
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Aug 2011

Yay!! we did it - thanks be to God!! Everyone at Rio bravo are great!! Dr Levi is so down to earth & even gave me a nick name because I was trying to convince him into saying it would be okay to do other things than rest. Dr Diaz such a cutie, young one he is & he loves to talk & laugh. One thing I remember from surgery dozing in & out is hearing mr Diaz laughing & I said I knew that was you & zonked out!

We met Tara & Chauncey, drove back to McAllen 2gether, staying at same motel & had dinner & great convo together - absolutely love them! We tried to talk the hubbies into walking across the street the mall but my hubby didn't budge which I'm glad because I'm starting to hurt.

Dr Levi said I have 5" right - 7" left!!   so excited to heal quickly

Thanks again ladies for all the postings you have no idea how much it helped!