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Reversal May 21, 2011
Lengths  L 5 R 0
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May 2011

I am back from having my TR.   I was able to have my left tube repaired and was left with 5cm tube length on the left.

The doctors were excellent I have never been treated better by any doctor in the us. The nurses were exceptional and my private nurse was sweet as could be. The only thing I forgot was my Spanish English dictionary but otherwise the care was absolutely perfect! The town is incredibly safe.  Armin was very professional.  I am a little shocked at only having one tube but Dr. Levy was so comforting to me I could never express my gratitude towards the people there.

I was scared to go to Mexico, but it was really okay. I took the shuttle, passing the border was a breeze with Armin and it took us about a half hour or so to get to the hospital. Armin helps you with your paperwork.   The doctors will put you at ease by answering all your questions. The town is small; the area is safe, I even walked to the 7-11 to get some snacks because I arrived early.  The hospital is very safe and I was never scared. The hospital is clean and the food was good. Their breakfast was the best. Don't believe what people say about it not being safe. I am a nurse myself and I found the care from the doctors and nurses was excellent.  What touched me most is that the doctors knew I was upset over having my ovary removed and they came in to actually comfort me because I was really overwhelmed. They assured me I still had a chance and spent more than a half hour answering my questions and reassuring me. Where in the US can you find a doctor to spend more than five minutes talking with you?   So if you choose to go, I don't think you will regret it. I don't suggest you go alone though, because on the way back you will need help with your bags and the airline stewardess will not help you with your bags - make sure you reserve a wheelchair for your return flight.

After planning for nine years to go. I would definitely recommend these doctors, nurses and hospital to everyone. I am forever changed by this experience.

Melissa K