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Reversal 02/14/11
Ligation Nov 2005
Lengths  L4.5 R4.5
Preg  1 It's a boy!
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Welcome Mqrkeith Laprince Jr

born April 2012 6 lbs 10oz 19 " long

Aug 2011 

We are pregnant. 7 weeks today. I have had 2 ultrasounds already and all is good - our little "bean" is in the right place and has a strong heart beat. We had our TR Feb 14, 2011, we waited until April to TTC, we did 2 rounds of Clomid and got pregnant the end of July. What a blessing, this is number 6 for me, and me and my new hubby's first.

God is GREAT!!!!

Feb 2011

My name is Tracy and my husband is Markeith. I am 37 and he is 32. We just celebrated our 1 year anniversary on Feb13, 2011 and had my TR on Feb 14, 2011. I was married for 16 years before a divorce in 2006. I have 5 children, ages 23, 17, 15, 13 and 5, and a grandson who will be 4 tomorrow. I had my tubes tied in Nov 2005 against my wishes, but my ex wanted me to do it. I lived on the west coast where I am from, and I moved to Alabama in where I met my husband. We got married in 2010 and he had never been married or had children. He is awesome and treats me like a princess he's a true southern man. We flew on Feb 14, 2011 to McAllen TX. The flights were great. I was not anxious at all. We arrived at 4pm and Armin was right there out front. We got to the hospital, man was it small. I was in the first room, and Armin had me sign some papers and pay him the shuttle balance. I then changed into my gown, got in bed and my nurse Rose came in and started my IV and took blood. She was great at it, did not feel a thing. The cardiologist came in to run test because I had gastric bypass in 2002 and my BMI was a little over the normal range.  I paid extra for an external medical exam. He said I was good to go and a very comical doctor, (As they all were). Then this little cute guy with braces named Dr. Diaz came in to go over my med history, he looked as young as my oldest son. He was quite the comedian and had both me and Ke laughing a lot. They brought in 6 tacos for Ke to eat, at this point I'm starving. He asked me if I wanted him to eat in the other room, he felt so bad. I said no. He watched football on TV for awhile and then Dr. Levi came in, he is very nice too. He asked us if we had any questions and then left.

Next thing I know Dr. Diaz came in and I asked what time I would go in for surgery, he said right now. I thought he was kidding because it was only 6:45 pm. He said the other patient had been done the day before, so they had no 7 pm surgery scheduled, so I was next. I told him I had ate up until my cut-off time, so they gave me meds in my IV so I would not surgery. Then they gave Ke his scrubs to change in to. Rose came in and put my hair up in a hospital cap and then had a wheel chair and rolled me to the operating doors and we were greeted by Dr. Perez. I went in and Ke had to stay outside the doors until my epidural was in. But he took pictures from the windows on the doors of it going in. Ke was so cute, he told Dr. Perez "please don't let anything happen to my wife". I was scared of the epidural, I had one before. But I laid on my left side and they put something in my IV, I felt nothing. I paid extra for sedation, which they did have to use because I started to get nervous and moving around. However I never went to sleep. I was awake for the whole thing and was talking with the Dr.'s and Ke who was on a step stool taking pics of everything. I had 3 surgeons and one nurse and Dr. Moreno who did the epidural. Next thing I knew, I was done and Rosalie put in my catheter (to pee) and they lifted me onto my bed and I went back to my room. I did not sleep much and I was in a lot of pain, mainly in my back, I had 2 back surgeries in the past. So they pushed the syringe and put more meds in my epidural and gave me a shot in the butt and some antibiotics in my IV. They checked my vitals through out the night. The dr said I had 4=5 cm on each side. So we were happy. My hubby did the sperm count test, which I recommend to you all, and he was perfect in numbers..LOL..The next day, they fed us b-fast and lunch, took out my IV, catheter and epidural. I took a shower, that hurt. I'm not gonna lie. They nurses came in and put new bandages and wrapped me up in a tight binder. We checked out and went to the La Quinta in on 10th St in McAllen, it has a free taxi to the airport and was the nicest and cheapest hotel.

We flew home on Feb 16 and drove from Birmingham to Oxford, where we live in about 45 minutes. Man I was glad to be home, oh and no problems at the border. The meds I was sent home with for pain did not really help so I got some Lorcet and am doing better. I am a week post-op today. My incisions is fine, never had pain there. I have pain in my groin area, mainly on the right side.

All in all I would do it again if I had too. And I do not think I would have done it without Kathy, she answered all my crazy questions and reassured me all the time. Now we wait until April 14th to try and conceive. Lordy, it seems like forever. God bless all of you on your new journey. You will be fine. Thanks to all the staff of Rio Bravo and Hospital De Las Americas.

Tracy and Markeith Lanier


Ke Jr