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Reversal 1/20/11
Lengths  L6.5 R6.5
Preg  1 It's a Girl!
Preg  2  

both open




Welcome Nayeli

We were supposed to be induced BUT she didn't wait... My water started to leak on the 19th so we headed to the hospital - Nayeli officially came into the world on 2/20/12 @ 1:12am at 8lbs 4oz 21inches of love :) The kids, husband and I are so happy! She is gorgeous!

God bless the staff and doctors at Rio Bravo - thank you for my beautiful baby girl! She is truly a miracle!

Oct 2011

We had our anatomy ultrasound 10/12/11 and the baby is growing beautifully all organs are looking good (thank you Jesus!). We're right on track for our due date 02/20/12.

June 2011

Well we've told the family and it's time to share the joy!   On June 14th we got our positive! Got the blood test that morning and had HcG level of 69, 16th it was at 224 and last one on the 20th was a 1559!!!   We go to get our first ultrasound on 07/06!!!! We are SOOOO happy!

Thank you Rio Bravo ~ you are a God send!
We'll keep you all updated on the progress :)

Apr 2011

Well it's been 2 months since the surgery and we got our HSG test done 03/18/11.  Good news my tubes are both wide openů  Radiologist said that they were perfect  (thank you doctors at Rio Bravo!).

Jan 2011

First I would like to thank all of the doctors at Rio Bravo! This was the best experience I could have asked for...

I just had my tubal reversal procedure done on 01/20/11. We tried to get the procedure done last year but got a little scared and canceled. This year we were clear "this" was the year. We worked with Kathy and got the date scheduled, made arrangements for our children to stay with my mother, and got the funds together. We had some people that were worried since it was in Mexico but after a lot of prayer I KNEW this was going to be a good thing.

We (my mother in law, husband and I) were picked up by the shuttle at the McAllen airport at 8am on Thursday (we decided it was good to leave the car in the long term parking at the airport and just have the shuttle take us across). Going through the border was great (had NO issues). It took less than 2 min. The drive was smooth, it was nice to not have to worry about getting lost, etc. (highly recommend the shuttle). The driver Armin was very friendly.

We got to the hospital right on time, Armin took us to our room and Dr. Levi came right in. Dr. Levi was VERY nice. He had such a good personality (spoke perfect English) and answered all questions. My mother in law asked questions in Spanish and Dr. Levi translated everything for me in English (my husband and mother in law speak fluent Spanish but I am not so lucky). The room was nice, had a tv, phone, bathroom, sofa, recliner, A/C, etc. It was very clean. We did get a McAllen station in the room which was nice. The nurse said that there wasn't a DVD player but right before we left it seemed that there was one in the actual TV?

The nurse got the IV started, took some blood, did a cardiogram to confirm we were all good, and we waited. They brought my husband and mother in law lunch - looked YUMMY but I wasn't allowed to eat... They said that the food was GREAT. The was a 7-11 within walking distance which was nice so they could get some coffee.  By 1pm we were ready to go. They put me in a wheelchair and my husband and I went down to the operating room... The anesthesiologist asked some questions and put me in the position for the epidural. They gave me the sedation medication and I was out. There was a couple of times that I did wake up and just told them that I was feeling a bit nauseous and they took care of me right away and I went right back to sleep . My husband was in the room the whole time and took great pictures and video. He said that the doctor's were great. It was a good environment in the operating room which made me feel good... After the procedure was done the nurses wrapped me up and covered the incision and took me back to my room. The doctor came in shortly afterwards and told us that everything looked really good. I have 6-7cm on each side which is really good. I was just a little sore but no pain - the nurses checked on me often but I didn't need any pain medication at all.

In the morning, the nurse came in and removed the catheter, epidural, and IV and gave me some pancakes, fruit, and juice. Dr. Levi came in and confirmed that we had all paperwork, medications, etc. and let me take a shower. The first time I got out of the bed was rough. My stomach was VERY VERY sore but the doctor was right after moving around a bit I would notice what my limitations were ~ after a little bit I was just fine... We got to leave the hospital a little early and they called the shuttle. Armin came and got us loaded into the van and started taking us back to Texas. The drive was smooth and we got through the border in less than a minute. On the drive back to Austin, we did exactly as Dr. Levi said and stopped every 2 hours to go to the bathroom, walk for a minute, etc. which helped a lot.

Today is day 4 after the surgery. I feel really good. The first 24-48 hours was a little rough due to feeling gassy but Gas-X really helped (highly recommend you get some when you go). Today the soreness is easing and I am getting up and around much easier.  I highly recommend Rio Bravo! They were wonderful!

Please do not let the scary things that you hear about Mexico prevent you from having the opportunity to have a child... The area we were in was NOTHING like you see in the news. They were very professional, very personable, very friendly. It was wonderful! I would do it again in a heartbeat. In 2 months we will start trying to conceive and we are excited for what the future will hold for us and our growing family.  God bless you all and the wonderful thing that you guys do there! You are a blessing!