Lily M

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Reversal Apr 14, 2011
Ligation 1998
Lengths  L 5 R 5
Preg  1 EDD 06-15-12
Preg  2  

08/23/11 Left blocked Right open




Oct 2011 

I've been very hesitant about announcing my pg, but I thought by posting Id give encouragement to others. I'm 38 years old and had my tubal ligation in 98. I was divorced in 07 and meet my DH 2 yrs ago. I decided that I wanted one more and went to Dr. Perez this April for the TR. To be honest I didn't think I would get pregnant due to age, and the quality of care I had heard about in Mexico.  But I decided to take that risk. After my surgery I decided to wait the 2 months and try to conceive afterward to no avail. How frustrating and depressing that is. So I decided to seek a fertility specialist. He did a full blood workup, a vaginal sonogram to see my ovaries and hsg. The results: I had hypothyroid, my ovaries were producing eggs, hsg showed left blocked with right open but with scarring. So I was placed on synthroid for my thyroid, given prenatal vitamins and was told that I could try after my thyroid was back to normal. I took that less than 1 month and ended up with a BFP 5 wks after my HSG. By biggest fear is an ectopic pg. So the doc monitored my HCG and it is doubling like it should.  I have a vaginal sono coming up to check everything. But I'm so apprehensive.  I think once i see the bean on screen maybe my apprehensions will dissolve.

Update:  I had my first ob visit today and the bean is snuggled safe in its home. All is well ;D! Im due June 15, 2012