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Reversal 4/29/2011
Ligation 02/1997
Lengths  L6.5 R6.5
Preg  1 It's a girl
Preg  2 edd 7/2013





Dec 2012

I went to the doctor today and I am pregnant! My last AF was 10/7/12 so they are saying I am 8 weeks and 1 day (which I do not think so) so my EDD is 7/2013 


Khloee Lyndee

Born August 2012

Dec 2011

We are pregnant!

May 2011

You have nothing to worry about going to Mexico, flying was more of a pain in the buns than anything. Mexico was fine, people are just trying to scare people into not going there. Yes you have to research your docs and know what you are going to have done. I didn't see anything that I don't see at home everyday. In fact it was rather boring in the small town. We walked around the day after surgery and no one bothered us or anything. So go with your heart, pray about the decision you are making and if it is right for you, DO IT!!

We left home in WA state on 4/28/11 and arrived in Harlingen TX the same day, we were late and I was so worried that Armin would not be there to get us. I called Marcos and all was okay he said we are used to that:) So he was there and we were on our way. We did have to stop at the border and they checked our bags and asked a few questions but it was very quick, maybe 5 minutes. We got to Rio Bravo and went straight to our room where we signed a few papers and then they drew some blood and brought dinner. We were scheduled for the next day so we just relaxed and watched tv. A couple hours later Dr Jose Diaz came in and talked to us for about an hour, we just adore him. He has the best friendly inviting smile, he is funny and him and the DH really got along:)  Once he left we watched some more tv and eventually fell asleep for a couple hours. I was excited and nervous and so I had not slept much in 2 days thinking that I would be exhausted by surgery time. The next morning we saw both Dr Diaz and Dr Levi, and my husband  had to do his sperm test. He definitely wanted to know that his swimmers were good but didn't want to actually give the specimen. We got a great laugh over the whole thing with the docs:)

Then at 12:45 they came and got me and we went back, I had Dr Moreno who gave me the epidural and then Dr Diaz, Dr Levi & Dr Perez. I had the epidural and they did give me some extra meds, thank goodness for bringing the extra cash. My DH tried to watch for a bit but then he got very teary and had to sit down, he said he was just thinking how amazing it is that I would do this so we can have a baby together. This is just one of the reasons I love him more and more every day! Another nice surprise was that I had an old scar from another surgery a few years ago that had left a large scar and they were able to take it out and now all i have is a small line...they are so great!! Before I knew it we were done and back in the room, the only thing that was hard for me was the fact that the epidural did not allow me to move my legs. I had natural child birth because I wanted to be able to get out of bed after and this was hard for me to have to sit there. The numbing wore off quite quick for me and I was up going potty on my own. I stopped the pain meds through the epidural because it was bothering my back, and thank goodness I was able to convince Dr Diaz to have it removed by 11:30pm that night. He even went and bought me saltine crackers at the little store so that I could eat:) Now although I was so happy to have the epidural out and felt good at 3am I was in so much pain, ouch!!! I got up and the nurse gave me meds and I curled up in a ball on the recliner and thankfully I went to sleep for a couple hours, and then around 6am a little more meds and lil more sleep:) Dr Diaz came in and said ok when your ready get up, take a shower, go for a walk and we will see how you feel.  So about 1/2 hour later I went and took a shower, and got dressed and me and the DH went for a 2 block walk. When we got back the doc came in and said all was good we can get ready to go, and before we knew it Armin was there and we were getting in the shuttle with another couple, she had surgery right after me.

We got across the border in about 20 minutes and then we were dropped off at the hotel in TX. We were not scheduled to fly out until the next day so it was a long night for us. We did go for a mile walk to get food since we had no car and I have to say I felt fine at the time but the next day and later that night I was hurting. We woke up Sunday morning already wanting to just get home, and we had to get on the hotel shuttle early due to check out time and their schedule, we were at the airport 4 hours early. I was antsy and DH was antsy trying to take care of me. So when 415pm comes around we are ready to board but no plane....ugh!! We were late for every flight so thank god I requested a wheel chair at every gate or we would not be home right now. I have to say flying home was tough but being home in bed with my family last night was the best. I am home today but feel great!

I have to say that I will send any woman or man to these doctors if they are looking to have a procedure done. I have had several surgeries and never have I been so impressed. THANK YOU< THANK YOU< THANK YOU!!!

6-7cm on both sides:) & great sperm count!! We are so ready!!!

Amy M