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Reversals 3/12/2011
Ligation 7/12/2007
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Mar 2011

it started i booked if for 2-11-11 well the IRS messed that all up for me. so i have to reschedule it for 3-12-11. so on Friday my friend drove me to Cleveland and let me just say we got hit with 9inches of snow early Friday morning, the highway was full of car and trucks in the ditch, we had to go really slow. left at 7am, on the way the wiper blew right off her truck, had to find a place to get a new one at in a snow storm. so got to Cleveland and was scared to death (to fly that is). I was going alone and had never been on a plane before. so that it self was crazy. i swear i will never do that again not my thing. OK OK so got to McAllen and Armin was there to meet me. we got across the border just fine, the guy just opened the door looked in and said OK. so we got to the hospital and the doc said that i might have to go to a hotel cuz they were full, but said to hang on. so Armin asked me for a smoke. so we went outside and smoke and sat on the bench, talked and saw a group of dogs just walking down the street like like they owned the place and all the cars just waited for them to get out of the way. very nice to just sit outside nice weather (peaceful to say the least). so back inside, they made me taste one of there snack food they were having with hot sauce lol. then back outside, doc came with me met his wife she was nice, he was joking bout she gets the nice truck and he gets the little car. then he was telling me bout what kind of medical problems his wife has and how many kids they have and this and that. he told me i have to stop smoking. i said i did and gained 15 pounds since November. i bought a pack for the ride to Cleveland in the snow storm. OK so then after hanging out in the waiting room i got a room (#4) just for the time being. then doc came in asked me the questions bout my height / weight / period/ medical history. then said see you in the morning. so at 5am on Saturday the nurse came in took blood and started the iv, then other doc came in with machine and took test with the sticker things they put on legs and chest. OK so then at 9am nurse came in with wheel chair and said i was going to my real room. i said oh i was scheduled for surgery at 9am so what's going on? she said there was a emergency C section being done i was next. oh OK. so off to room 2 now where i would finish out my stay. so them at 12:30pm they came with the wheel chair and off we went. so i got on the table and doc with the good meds put me in fetal postion and gave me something to relax. then the epidural i remember my legs getting hot and heavy, but nothing more. i did wake up a few times and asked for them to take pictures and they said OK and i was out again. well i woke up again and looked in the big lights above me and saw there tools, some gauze and hands. i said did you take pictures. they said no were all done now. i was still doped up i didn't ask nothing more. woke up back in my room and in the bed. then a lady walks in and she was the private nurse. well she was 31 and lived in the state for one year. her English was not that good and she was not a nurse she was actually a nurses aide. so i don't really know what the private nurse part is bout cuz id did not get what i was suposta to as far as the nurse part goes. then doc comes in and asked me how i was doing i said OK, up set i didn't get any pictures. he said sorry but they got in there and just started, and he knows i kept asking bout the pic's but at that time he didn't know where my camera was he didn't see it. then made a joke saying that they could give me pic's it just wont be me. well not to funny but did light the load a Lil that i was feeling. so at 9pm, doc asked me again how i was doin i said good just hungry and he said that i could eat they would bring me something. well she did but it was ham and cheese. i wanted a taco Lil. well then i woke up sunday the 13 at 4am and told the girl in my room that something was wrong i had to pee and could feel pressure, cathadar was still in. she said you have the bag for pee. i said i know but its not taken my pee can you get me someone. well the nurse came in flushed the epidural and then the iv and i got to get up and go pee. (thank you ;LORD) i was so worried i was gonna pee in there bed. then nurse came in and gave me towels and told me i could shower. so i did Nd felt so good. then we ate pancakes Nd fruit. doc came in told me what i owed and said that they have to give me a local cuz i was still moving with the epidural. and told me that i looked so good on the inside, the rings that were on my tubes didn't hurt them much at all. and i have 7cm on each side. told me my change to have more kids is GREAT. i was so happy with that. told me that he was very sorry bout the pictures again. i said its OK just knowing that your tellin me my chance are GREAT is enough for me. then he gave me a hug and said no more smoking. i said i wont Armin smoke my last one. so on the way back i was in the shuttle with another girl and her husband mom and dad. Kristy i believe her name was. her mom was very sweet she said i would have asked them to seep me company Lil. cuz i was alone.i had to take The chance alone cuz my boyfriend had to stay home with my kids. there was not way else. I'm very glad that it worked the way it did. i would do this all over again. well not all of it i would drive from  pa to McAllen. i hate planes. so my man picked me up and we came home. i felt good. just getting up and down sucked. my bed is tall as is and i sleep half on my stomach and side so that sucked i could not get comfortable at all.. but i was home and have a great out come and very happy. we were layin in bed and he told me that he cried on his way to work thinking what if he never See me again. i said ah your so cute lol. he was just worried who would cook dinner for him if i didn't come back lmao. so then on Tuesday the 15 i had a doctor appointment here with my doc and he said he was impressed and i look great. my back is a Lil swollen on the inside from epidural , and oh i forgot to say that before my shower the nurse came in and told me to get on left side she had a shot i said i didn't have any pain, but i turned over any ways and she gave it to me in my but cheek. so back to my doctor i have a huge bruise on my butt form that shot. lol. oh well Little things in life we do for a bigger and better goal. my kids have been nothing but great and helping around the house. my chihuahuas cried the most when i got home. OK sorry so long of a story and I'm sure i forgot something but this will just have to do for now. but i would like to say ****I WOULD GO TO MEXICO AND DO THIS ALL OVER AGAIN, WITOUT THE PLANE THO*****