Aundrea P

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State TX
Reversal Mar 28, 2011
Ligation 2002
Lengths L 4.5 R 4.5
Preg  1 edd
Preg  2  
Age 33


Aug 2011

I am a little over 11 weeks preggo - I have been to the maternal fetal specialist and got a very detailed sono. I found out that we are having a boy!

Jun 2011

Well...I did the digital test and it said pregnant in 30 seconds!!!!  Because of the forum I felt
comfortable to go to Dr Perez in Mexico. Thank you all (forum members) for the support you give to women in need.  Blessings to everyone and I look forward to seeing more BFP's!

Mar 2011

Thank you everyone who helped my feel comfortable with my decision to come here to Rio Bravo!  It has been the best hospital treatment I have ever received!! And my own Grandfather, Aunt and Uncle are doctors so that is saying a lot!  The private nurse in my room said she is 20 but she gave me the most wonderful/motherly treatment, I was spoiled! She even rubbed my legs when they were so numbed and felt like lead!:)

I am 33 and had a tubal 8 years ago and the time for TR finally came! Praise God! Armin picked me up right on time and we whisked through the highway with a brief stop at a checkpoint then the border (the army tank and machine guns were a little scary but they were nice). Then half way there policia were blocking the road (again with machine guns) then they asked where we were going and let us go. Then we arrived...for those curious ones checking into TR- it seemed very peaceful and even children and babies could be seen riding bikes and playing with their dogs.

Dr. Levi greeted me and took me to a suitable room with wi-fi-- gotta have wi-fi. I recommend anyone that doesn't have phone access to hook up gmail /AIM chat before you leave.  Then I got an IV and waited 3 hours till surgery and got the sedation for the epidural but it knocked me out until halfway through, I guess I kept trying to sit up to scratch my face and move my arms so they knocked me out in the IV. There goes my expensive steak dinner when I get home. :)J/K  When I woke Dr.Levi said only have 4-5cm on each side but they look good and it looks like I have poly cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) which makes it sometimes harder to conceive but he thinks I'll be okay because I show no major symptoms.

The sleep was painless and the nausea was minimal. Really the best experience and I will be telling everyone interested! What a blessed place and a blessed time for me!

Thank you Rio Bravo!!