Kelly T

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State CO
Reversal 07/08/11
Ligation 5/2004
Lengths L 4.5 R 4.5
Preg  1 edd
Preg  2  
Age 35


Jan 2012

I am so excited to announce my first reversal pregnancy!! I am a little over 4 weeks now.  We are so excited!!

Jul 2011

Whew. Took 5 years to finally get here but I am so blessed and happy to be whole again. My husband is deployed and I was set twice to come with a friend. First one friend fell through, and then another. I prayed and prayed and felt peace about going alone. I planned it for when my mom would be visiting so she could watch my children. July 8 I got to the airport at about 5 am. Flew to Houston, then McAllen. I didn't see Armin and got nervous, but called Marco and he was just circling back around. (it took me a bit to get out of the airport because I went to the ATM) The ride over to the hospital was quick. I went into room 1 and settled in, took some pics etc. Armin came in with paperwork and I paid him. Lay down and watched some tv and fell asleep. Woke up and watched some more tv and just rested. I was so tired from traveling. At some point a nurse came in, I believe it was my private care nurse and asked if I spoke Spanish and I said no. She said 'little bit?" I said 'no' She said "uh oh' LOL. I was given my IV and I went back to sleep for awhile.

Dr. Diaz came in a bit later and took my medical history and he was so nice and friendly and funny, my nerves were calmed (I had been getting more and more nervous the closer it came to surgery time) Any fears I had were immediately out the window after speaking to him. After awhile someone came and I was wheeled into surgery and told the doctor I had wanted to get some pictures and my camera was in the room. Someone went to get it.  I have many pics from surgery. I got on the table and someone was thumping my back for the epidural. I got very nervous. I had put the epidural out of my mind but now it was going to happen. But then I was given something in my IV and I do not remember anything else until I was back in my room after surgery and Dr. Diaz was talking to me.  Praise God.  Dr. Diaz introduced me to his mom and said she was there to stay with me.  She was such a sweet lady and I was so blessed to have her with me. She spoke enough English that she was able to translate for me between the nurses and I. And it was nice to have someone to talk to. I will never forget her. I slept very well after my surgery but was in a bit of pain. Mrs. Diaz told me I was strong because I was not asking for much pain medicine. I wasn't feeling so strong, let me tell you LOL. I had the catheter removed the next day and the IV was to be removed a bit after. Well it did not take long for me to need to use the restroom. Mrs Diaz helped me out of bed and that's when it got scary. I guess just being in the bed so long and getting up for the first time was just too much. I got so sweaty and hot and cold and dizzy and I thought I was going to die. Sounds very drama queen but at the time it was so scary. A dr (I believe Dr. Levi? I cannot remember his name although I talked to him several times) came in at that moment and they both helped me. I got back into bed and was told someone would come in and give me a shot. I was given a shot in my backside and started feeling better right away. Instead of the IV being taken out, I was given some pain meds in that and then it was taken out a little while later. And then told I could take a shower. Well, I was in no hurry to get out of bed again! It was so scary before I was nervous. But with some encouraging and help I did. And it was so different. I felt so much better. And after the shower I felt like a new person. Mrs. Diaz helped me get dressed and then said it was time for her to go. I was sad to see her leave, she was so nice. I took a picture with her before she left.

After that getting up and down got easier and easier. I made myself get up regularly although I really would have loved to sleep till it was time to leave LOL. I had a long day of traveling ahead of me and the regular walking around helped each time. I was having more pain in the left side but was told that side the stitches may have just been tighter than the right. Although that didn't take away the pain, it was helpful knowing what it was from. I took some more pictures before I left. I was glad Dr. Diaz came back before I left because I missed getting a picture of him earlier. I had breakfast before I left to the airport (the food was very good BTW) and then Armin and I were on our way! Interesting to note...after a bit of drama getting my passport, it was not looked at at all entering or leaving Mexico!

My trip home was a big hassle, my flight from McAllen was delayed which delayed my other flights and then Denver had bad weather and more delays - I was exhausted when I got home. I am so glad I requested the wheelchair! I had 3 flights to get home and 2 very large airports.  I am one week post op and feeling so much better. I really did not rest as much as I should have coming home, so I know I overdid it a bit. My dh returns home the end of July and I am so excited and looking forward to being totally recovered by then.  Well, I tried to condense my story so it is not a book (believe me, I could go on for hours! LOL)

I am so pleased about everything about my experience with Rio Bravo, I would go again in a heartbeat.