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Reversal 4/02/2011
Lengths  L 5 R 6
Preg  1 mc 2012
Preg  2 It's a boy






Izaak Luna Celosita

Born May 2013

May 2013

This is baby Izaak Luna Celosita baby boy. Thanks Dr-Roberto Perez for making it possible to have another baby we are very thankful for all you did for us

May 2012

Just wanted to let u know that I got another bfp on 5/2012 and I will keep you posted - we would love to thank u guys for giving us the chance to have another even if we do m/c which we are praying we don't but at least we know we can do it thanks so much rio bravo you guys are the best

Apr 2012

We got our positive test in Feb and lost it in March - it was twins - at least  now I know I can get pregnant thanks Rio Bravo Reversals.

May 2011

I had my tubal reversal done (3/31/11)  and it all went wonderful. I made it to the airport on April 1 of 2011 and the shuttle came and picked me and my friend up, I had to take a friend cause my hubby couldn't go he had to care for our other children. I was a little scared at first but then I wasn't once I saw that the news people were crazy. It is a very nice hospital and very clean. All the people that worked at the hospital there was wonderful and very sweet.  We made it to Rio Bravo It was a really nice place and here it is that people are talking bout how bad it is over there in Mexico?  People just like to talk way to much about things that aren't good about Mexico.  I am sure it might be bad in some parts but not in all the country - the same as it is here in the US.

Well we made it to the hospital and my friend Sarah and I went in - in came a nurse she and the shuttle driver and gave me some papers to sign on my medical health.  The shuttle driver helped me with them even though I speak Spanish very good.  I like the way they get on the ball as soon as I walked into the hospital.  They put in the iv and took blood work also had to have a heart test since I am chunky but that was ok. Then I waited there for the doctors.  It wasn't long after the nurses went out of the room for the doctors to come in.

The Dr's at Rio Bravo are wonderful, they talked me all the way thru all that was going on before and during and after the TR. They were wonderful and I loved it and would go back in a heart beat and wouldn't think twice. The epidural wasn't bad at all.  That was what I was really scared of but didn't feel a thing at all!  I was shocked, ho could they do the epidural and me not feel it is what I was thinking to myself.  Well they did and I didn't feel a thing at all.  Dr. Perez I didn't meet in person - He was there but I was kind of tired and didn't notice him, but I did the other doctors. They were all very sweet and very caring, always asking if all was good and if they could get me anything. I was a little sore on the 2nd day and what made me that way was the airport.  They are crazy there in McAllen Texas,  they were a hand full for me  deal with and very rude. At first they told me it was ok to bring [liquid] on the flight, then told me I had to return to the front or trash it. I was like your crazy I spent almost 50 or more for that and I sure wasn't trashing it. At that time my friend was already across the check point so I ran (yea ran) back to the front check in desk and checked it in then ran back.  When I made it back to the check point they told my friend well she needed to run and catch her flight because I was going to miss mine, and she told them that she wasn't going anywhere without me.  While I was going thru the security they wanted my id and my friend had it - one of the guards was really nice he went where she was to get it from her and then they let me thru.  Even though they said I almost missed my flight and after doing all that running we made it to our seats and sat down for at least 10 to 20 mins before the flight took off how rude. Then we made it late to Dallas because the flight was late and that caused our plane in Dallas TX to leave late. When we made it to Memphis I went with my friend to try and find my baggage and couldn't find it.

The whole trip was good except for the flight but the best part of all this was the Rio Bravo. My surgery went very well and the doctors are wonderful so don't let people say that Mexico doctors  aren't any good - I like them better than some of our doctors here.  I am in a little pain but not a lot. I just cant wait until we can start trying to have a baby.  I pray that all is going to be good - so far I have been blessed.  All I have to do is the waiting game.  As soon as I am healed and we can see if we can get preggo.  SO for the ones wanting to go to Rio Bravo and have the tubal reversal I would say go - they are wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would go back there again if I ever had to; also I will tell all my friends and anyone who wants to know about Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi and all the others. They were great and did a wonderful job. 

Thanks to u all for giving this chance to have my tubal reversal done at your hospital and for caring so much for me. " Mucho Besos para ustes en La Hospital De las Americas''

Lorenda V