Michelle Young

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Reversal 04/01/11
Ligation 2001
Lengths  L 7 R 7
Preg  1 m/c 2011
Preg  2 edd 10/2012





May 2012

Hello I wanted to update everyone and tell you our wonderful news we are now 16 wks pregnant we are due on Oct 2012. Baby and I are doing fine we are so thrilled to find out this month what we are having hoping for a healthy baby. thank you ! to your team we cant believe we are going to have a baby :)

Sept 2011

We found out July 10 we were pregnant and we miscarried on July 22 2011 - the silver lining is I can get pregnant and I'm so very happy about that doc says everything is going to be ok to just keep trying I so look forward to a little one running around the house again. I will send another update when I get pregnant.

June 2011

My husband and I were thrilled with the trip to Rio bravo. We decided to drive from Austin TX to McAllen TX and then take the shuttle. and oh how grateful I am for the shuttle service! We were so impressed with the doctors and staff at Rio bravo - going over the border no big deal coming back no big deal.  There is a lot of hype about bad stuff - don't believe it.  I got to the hospital and was able to have my surgery that day because I had not eaten anything.  I was so impressed with how clean and nice everything was .The doctors were amazing, so after a couple of hours I was wheeled into surgery with my hubby right there taking pics.  I didn't feel much after they took me back to my room,  I still felt good it was a really awesome experience.  I cant tell you how much i love the doctors .

After 24 hours I was able to go home and onward we went.  It was a uneventful drive; I was in some pain but considering what I was going to gain I didn't mind.   I'm 30 and hoping for 2 to 4 more kids - we have 2 already.  Our whole family has been praying for this for years.  Now it is June 30 and we are ready to try having a little one.  I'm praying I get pregnant - I have 7 cm on both sides - I did have my tubes tied for 7 1/2 years.   I hope the next time I write I will tell you I'm going to have a baby. We are trying I guess now it is in the Lords hands.

Thank you Rio bravo clinic and doctors!  You all were amazing and I am so very grateful to you.

Michelle Y