Should this ever happen to you, please feel free to contact us immediatly or return to the hospital.  Medical treatment for a spinal headache is rarely necessary if you self-treat it immediately, but left untreated and if you continue to travel or move around, it will only increase and a blood patch will be required to heal it.  Also, most doctors in the states will treat their patients post op, though some will refuse.  There are no true liabilities that exist that would prevent them from doing so. 

If you have a spinal headache (you will know if it's a spinal headache simply by lying down flat - it should ease immediately) -- to treat it - lie down flat for 24-48 hours, only getting up to eat (briefly) or go to the bathroom.  Drink lots of fluids, water and caffeine are preferred because caffeine stimulates the reproduction of spinal fluid.  Lying still and flat and staying still  is mandatory to give the dural sac time to heal properly and clot so the dural sac does not continue to leak.  If you do this immediately, your headache will be gone within a couple of days, and you can continue on with your recuperation.