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April  2003

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Tubal Ligation 09/21/99

Tubal reversal  Apr 03, 2003

Pregnancy #1

Baby Girl born Dec 2003

Pregnancy #2

Baby boy born Aug 23, 2004





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Raymond Emory Lowell Dunn

Aug 2004 Healthy baby boy born on August 23rd!  He is just wonderful. It was definitely worth all of the trying times during the pregnancy. ...

Love, Martha & Raymond Dunn


Welcome Baby

 Mikayla Dunn

Dec 2003 - My wife, Martha has been a part of your group since before our April tubal reversal.  She has been on complete bed rest for the past 6 months. Hospitalized for a large part of that time. Last night we had a beautiful baby girl (Mikayla).  She was 6 weeks early but everything is well for her. We owe everything to this site and God.  I would appreciate any prayers for both my daughter and my wife.  Please continue the wonderful work you do!  

In Christ, Raymond Dunn


"After just 2 short weeks to love her, we lost Mikayla tonight."

Please keep the family in your prayers as their little one has gone home to be with the Lord.

We will always remember her

Update April 2005

I just have to take a minute to update my testimonial.  The Staff has done such a wonderful job on this site, I think I can take a few minutes to reflect on the kindness I have been given and the blessing Ray and I share.  As was stated in our earlier testimonial we had our reversal in April of 2003 and became pregnant relatively our surprise!

God needed our little angel girl and also knew He needed to strengthen my faith. I became very depressed but Kathy B helped me to realize what I already knew...God will not put on us more than we can bear as long as we trust in him.

On August 23, 2004, our faith again was rewarded with a beautiful baby boy.   He was full term and healthy.   He is almost 8 months now and is the apple of our eye. I must say that our first loss helped me to appreciate and realize that God is in control. I read many testimonies from this site before my reversal and I hope anyone who is considering bringing your body back to what is natural, will reflect on these testimonies also.  There is a peace that we all need as women.   Dr. Perez is Gods instrument to do this.

I would do it all again and again.

TL 09/21/99  TR 04/03/03

Update June 2003

I have been reading the post and I know there are a lot of surgeries coming up this summer. I have been right where you are. It seems the closer it gets to time for surgery our minds wonder. I just want you to know, like everyone else has said, when you meet Levi and Dr. Perez you will be so at ease. I felt like I had known them much longer when we first met. Levi will do anything within his power to comfort you.

Last weekend I had a very big scare. Raymond was out of town for the holiday. I just didn't feel well, so I stayed home. A few days before, we had gotten a faint positive pregnancy test. Anyway I started having sharp pains on my left side. It continued to get worse despite the fact I was flat in bed. I couldn't even walk down the stairs of my house and had I had to call for an ambulance. They were sure it was an appendicitis until I told them about the pregnancy test and my recent reversal.

Well, to make a long story a little shorter, the hospital discovered that I was actually pregnant and very much threatening miscarriage. They put me upside down and started me on Terbutiline.  My OBGYN said I am going to have to stay on strict bed rest for the first 3 months if we want that baby to stay in there. This has been very discouraging to me as this was not the way we planned it.

BUT!! I hope everyone can find encouragement in a comment made by the ER OBGYN...he said, "Are you sure you had a tubal ligation?" He said not only could he not see the incision, but he couldn't tell where my tubes had even been repaired. Dr. Perez not only knows what he is doing....he's good at it.

Christian Love, Martha

April 2003

Just a quick note to let you know we are back. Not feeling very well after an 18 hour drive. We had surgery Friday morning and drove back Saturday afternoon. This is the best thing I have ever done and even though in quite a bit of pain (because of the drive). I would do it all over again and again. Despite how long it took me to make the appointment and the last minute jitters, we did it....God did it!

Warm Christian Love,

Martha Dunn


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